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Box Erecting and Sealing

Box Erecting and Sealing

The ultimate solution for operator free folding and sealing of a wide array of box sizes. This heavy duty case sealer was made for dependable 24/7 operation.

 Random Legend

When you need the versatility of a random case sealing machine, but don't need the speed.


No operator needed. Reliable case forming in a compact footprint. Erect and bottom seal up to 15 cases per minute.


Pneumatically folds the minor flaps to help reduce labor associated with manual case forming. Doubles as a packing station. For use with any of our popular case sealers.

CF-5 Stainless

Loveshaw now offers the CF-5 in stainless steel. This semi-automatic case former is ideal for harsh environments and wash down applications.


No operator required. This fully automatic case erector accommodates a wide variety of box sizes and is capable of forming up to 20 cases per minute.


Use to seal long runs of the same case size. No operator required to fold the top of the box. Interlocking safety gates shut off machine when opened to maximize safety.


High speed folding and sealing solution in a compact footprint. Features quick change belts and power saving mode. No operator required.


This side belt driven tape sealer is recommended for dimensionally unstable boxes, lightweight boxes and boxes as narrow as 3-1/4"


An economical top and bottom case taper with a small footprint for sealing large runs of uniform cases, or for those applications that require infrequent case size changes.


The LD-X combines versatility and ease-of-maintenance to maximize operational efficiency.


This revolutionary case sealer was designed to excel in the most sanitary sensitive industrial environments.


In distribution speed is crucial. Expect up to a 40% increase in throughput with this high speed top and bottom case sealer. Automatically adjusts to accommodate a wide variety of box sizes.


The High Speed LDX-UTB is capable of processing boxes up to 80% faster than competing machines.


Improve operator efficiency and reduce repetitive motion injuries with this automatic extended side belt tape sealer. Folding bars minimize manual box flap folding.

SP-304R BO

Optimal for batch runs of the same box size. Helps reduce operator fatigue associated with manual case erecting. Capable of facilitating the forming of up to 24 cases per minute.

SP-304R BO Bottom Only

Improve productivity and throughput by maximizing operator efficiency. Ideal erecting and bottom sealing solution if you are utilizing a wide variety of box sizes.

Uniform Legend Case Sealer

The Uniform Legend Box Sealer is a top and bottom case sealer made to go low. The offsetting tape cartridges allow you to seal a box as low as 2.62".