The innovative NOVUS Air Cushion machine produces a variety of air cushions from large cushions to quilt/pad shapes. Produce bubble on demand at an astonishing 70 lineal feet per minute. It's the most compact and fastest inflation system available, making packaging material on demand easier than ever. The NOVUS machine uses 16" wide, low density polyethylene film (#4). Four different film configurations are available.

The superior protection provided by NOVUS is also available as an eco-friendly packaging solution, see our NOVUSĀ® Select green air cushions with air transfer technology.

Use the NOVUS Double Cushion for large void fill applications. NOVUS Supertube and Quilt-Air Large cushions can be used for void fill, wrapping and surface protection. NOVUS Quilt-Air Small can be used for interleaving and small bubble applications. No more bubble storage; make bubble when you need it!

NOVUS material handling options are available, including two or four-person overhead dispensers.

Technical Data Sheets and Video

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