FillPak TT Cutter

FillPak TT Cutter


FillPakĀ® TT with cut mechanism converts fanfold kraft paper into a PaperStar configuration for fast and efficient void filling.  In addition to adding a cut mechanism to the FillPakĀ® TT, the upgrade also gives the operator the ability to pre-set paper lengths via an Electronic Delivery System (EDS) mode.  The unit can be set up to dispense void fill material in lengths of 12 inches up to 10 feet.  The TT with cut mechanism has the same small footprint as the regular FillPak TT and can be easily adapted to any packing environment or integrated into areas with limited space.

  • Fast - output of 70 inches of paper per second
  • Versatile - allows users to program pre-set lengths of paper
  • Compact - small, lightweight and easy to use for facilities with multiple packing stations
  • Adaptable - converter height and head angles are adjustable for ease and comfort while loading or packing
  • Environmentally Friendly - 100% biodegradable, recyclable and renewable paper

Technical Specifications

Width 17"
Height 24"
Depth 14"
Weight 27 lbs.
Power 100/115 VAC, 1 phase
Feed Rate 70 inches/second
Cut Method Electric Motor
Operating Modes Footswitch

Size specifications do not include accessories.
Min./Max. height dimensions are measured with the head at its maximum tilt.
Weight includes the weight of the head

Paper Bundle

Paper Type*Width (in.)Basis Weight (lbs.)Length (feet)Weight (lbs.)
Fanfold Box 15 30 1660 22
Fanfold Box 15 45 1200 24

*30-lb. also available in 100% recycled and 32-lb. white.

Paper Pallet

Bundle TypeBundles per PalletDimensions (in.)Weight (lbs.)
30-lb. 65 48 x 40 Depth 1500
45-lb. 65 48 x 40 Depth 1517

Technical Data Sheets and Video