PadPak Sr. Workstation

PadPak Sr. Workstation


The Pad-N-Pak Workstation is a packaging workstation built around a PadPak Senior machine.  The machine is mounted below the packaging workstation table in one of several stand options, and is fitted with a curved chute to facilitate its use as a workstation.  The table can also be arranged to allow the pad to be fed from either the left or right side of the table. The standard Pad-N-Pak Workstation includes a PadPak converter, work table, remote box and paper roll lifter.  Numerous other options and customizations are available making the Pad-N-Pak Workstation one of the most versatile paper packaging systems available.

  • Versatile - modes of operation allow for batch production or in-line, on demand use
  • Convenient - converter slides in and out from under the table for easy paper loading
  • Flexible - can use with an existing workstation table or with a Ranpak table
  • Adaptable - multiple table options, various accessories and customizations available
  • Environmentally Friendly - 100% biodegradable, recyclable and renewable paper
  • Versatile - several modes of operation allow for batch production or in-line, on demand use
  • Flexible - adaptable and adjustable for seamless integration into any packing environment
  • Excellent Shock Absorption - 2 or 3-ply pads provide excellent cushioning
  • Environmentally Friendly - 100% biodegradable, recyclable and renewable

Technical Specifications


Width 42"
Height 30" - 36"
Weight 625 lbs.
Power 120 VAC, 60 Hz, 10.4 Amps
Feed Rate 16 inches per second
Controls Located on remote box
Cut Method Electronic motor with clutch
Packing Height 30" - 36" (chute height)
Operating Modes Foot Pedal, Automatic, EDS and KeyPad

Size specifications refer to the converter only and do not include the converter stand or accessories

Paper Roll

(Regular, Double, Jumbo or Jumbo Adhesive)

Paper Type*Width (in.)Basis Weight (lbs.)Length (feet)
2-ply 30 30/30
3-ply 30 30/30/30

*Certain paper types available in all-ply white and outer-ply white
**50/50/50 available in double, 900' only

Paper Pallet

Roll TypeRolls per PalletDimensions (in.)Weight (lbs.)
Regular 25 48 x 40 Depth or
48 x 48 Depth
Varies by ply configuration
Double 16
Jumbo/Jumbo Adhesive 9
30/50/30 Double 14 48 x 48 Depth 1,140
50/50/50 Double 9 48 x 48 Depth 1,050

Technical Data Sheets and Video