The LD-X combines versatility and ease-of-maintenance to maximize operational efficiency. The highlight of the LD-X is the patent pending quick-release drive belts which allow the belts to be changed, without tools, in a matter of seconds. The LD-X can be converted to handle both 2" and 3" tape, and can be converted to run mirror image in the field. These features give users the versatility they require to move the sealer from line to line regardless of product flow direction or necessary tape size. Interlocking side rails and a counterbalanced head adjustment ensures that changeover is always quick and easy. Heavy-duty tubular steel construction provides the long lasting performance users demand.

User Benefits

  • Quick-Release Drive Belts: Patent Pending feature allows belts to be changes in less than 3 minutes
  • 2” to 3” Tape Conversion in Field
  • Easy Access Motor Mounts: Allow for fast changover
  • Simplified Set-Up: From pallet to production in less than 10 minutes
  • Mirror Image Changover in Field: Change product flow direction without costly custom modifications

Technical Specifications


Power Requirements:
110 volts, 60 cycle, single phase
Note: Other voltages available. Contact Loveshaw for details
Operating Speed:
Continuous belt drive; 80’ per minute ( 24.4 m/min.)
(production rate depends on box size and operator dexterity)
269 lbs. uncrated
Closure Material:
Pressure sensitive tape
Case Capacity:
Length: 4-1/2” - infinite
Width: 5-1/2” - 28”
Height 4-1/2” - 24”

Technical Data Sheets and Video