Cell-O E-Z

Cell-O E-Z


We offer a wide variety of air cushions for our CELL-O line of machines. Depending on packaging volume and application, we offer a cushion size and configuration that works best for you.

Make CELL-O EZ air cushions onsite and on-demand. The CELL-O MKII machine for medium to large users of average-sized cushions; and the CELL-O EZ machines, tabletop models that do not require compressed air.

Dependable, strong CELL-O EZ air cushions are lightweight and easy to handle. Use CELL-O EZ cushions for void fill. Add a layer of cushions for top fill or brace and block with CELL-O EZ packaging. Protect books, cosmetics, engine parts, electronics, pharmaceuticals or any other products you ship. Your customers will love it too!

Along with excellent protection, you get source reduced packaging; simply pop the cushion, it's 99% air. Less than one percent of the original packaging remains for disposal.

CELL-O EZ air pillows may be used directly from the machine or from one of the air cushion material handling systems available. Take advantage of CELL-O material handling systems that may be custom engineered to meet specific warehouse requirements.

Technical Data Sheets and Video

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